The Veranda Plus system is custom-made according to the needs and demands of the client. Full glass Sunroom or Veranda with low-wall offering more privacy, it's up to you to choose the design and ours to make it for you!

Maximum Dimensions

Slider 2 Lights* Minimum Maximum
Width 508mm (20") 1829mm (72")
Height 254mm (10") 1524mm (60")
Maximum of 2.32 m² (25 pds²)
dimension sunroom
Slider 3 Lights* Minimum Maximum
Width 762mm (30") 2438mm (96")
Height 254mm (10") 1524mm (60")
Maximum of 3.25 m² (35 pds²)
dimension sunroom window
Fixed Unit* Minimum Maximum
Width 254mm (10") 1829mm (72")
Height 203mm (8") 2743mm (108")
Maximum of 2.32 m² (25 pds²)
window sunroom
PVC Panel* Minimum Maximum
Width 254mm (10") 2134mm (84")
Height 203mm (8") 2134mm (84")
window veranda

* Exterior frame dimensions

Possible Assembly

sunroom custom made